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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Chocolate Charcuterie Board

chocolate charcuterie board

We are obsessed with charcuterie boards.

While they aren't chocolate, you'll often find our office parties with at least one or two stunning meat and cheese platters. Awhile back we dreamed up what an ideal Gertrude Hawk Thanksgiving charcuterie board would look like and it hit us - a chocolate charcuterie board!

Since that day we haven't been able to get this stunning centerpiece out of our minds, and we were finally able to create a droolworthy dessert filled with crave-able favorites, worthy enough to bring to Thanksgiving.

Filled with sweet and savory treats, our chocolate charcuterie (dubbed "Chocuterie") is the dessert this year's Thanksgiving needs. Drool over the chocolate goodness, and you can relish in the fact that such a beautiful assortment took minimal effort and time to put together.

Recreate Our Ultimate Thanksgiving Chocolate Charcuterie Board

We made it easy to replicate our Ultimate Chocolate Charcuterie board. All products can be found and easily added to your cart from this page.

Start with a large plate or platter of your choice, and group products together to create a stunning presentation. Thinly slice caramel apples, line up pretzels, peanut butter cups, caramels and other small chocolates to create symmetry. 

Items We Used: