Easter Bunny Mason Jar

easter bunny mason jar craft

Looking for a fun and easily customizable Easter craft to do with all ages?
With a traditional touch and some classic Easter favorites, this quick and simple craft is perfect.

What you’ll need

● 32 oz. Mason Jars (small or wide mouth jar)

● Crinkle Paper Grass

● Craft Paper or Easter Scrapbook Paper

● Name Tags

● Ribbon

● Writing Utensil

● Scissors

● Gertrude Hawk 10 oz. Milk Chocolate Foiled Eggs

● Gertrude Hawk 3 oz. Chocolate Flop Ear Bunny

● Gertrude Hawk .75 oz. Orange Carrot

Step 1

● Use your Mason Jar lid to Trace and cut out a scrapbook paper design.

● Put the lid back together with the Easter design showing on top of the lid.

● Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie a bow around the mouth of the jar.

Step 2 - What you’ll need

● Stuff the bottom of the Mason Jar with grass.

● Drop in some foiled eggs.

● Insert your chocolate flop ear bunny.

● Tie on ribbon and name tag.

Step 3

● Twist on the lid and you've got the sweetest chocolate Easter gift!

Feel free to customize it anyway you'd like.

Other Ideas:

  • Layer in jellybeans as a base layer to add some extra color
  • Include a small plastic egg with an Easter message
  • Add in a few bunny smidgens

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